Just when you think it’s over …

watering can flowersWe moved into this house in April. That is the busiest time of year for us and it has been a challenge to get our long neglected yard into shape. I shared with you the pictures of the statues we started finding in the yard back in April. It’s now mid-July and they’re still coming. And, they are getting really scary.

The first picture is the watering can Mike found buried in the confederate jasmine a couple of weeks ago. It’s kind of awesome. (What’s more awesome is I got that bunch of flowers for $3! Also picked up 2 dozen white roses for $3. Fun stuff.)

scary garden girlThe second picture is of our most recent find. Mike actually found it as he was de-debris-ing a section of bushes.  I’m thinking that, at this rate, we’re going to have the scariest house on the block for Halloween. Look at those eyes!  Gah!  But, she’ll go back outside somewhere where we can watch her. I’m going to end up being that crazy old lady with all the weird statues in her yard. Upside? No Bambi or Virgin Mary yet.


3 thoughts on “Just when you think it’s over …

  1. Betty, I got them at a grocery outlet store called Sacks (corner of Edgewater/434). It’s a hit or miss kind of place – you never know what they’ll have. Last week, they had a ton of flowers.

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