Time for a break

6c08d-flagI hate election years. For now, I’m giving up Facebook. I’m not giving it up because I dislike anyone on my friend page. I’m giving it up because I don’t want to end up disliking anyone on my friend page. I have so many people who I love and respect and also disagree with on just about everything.  It’s not even August and I’m anxious.  No point in dragging it out. This is my vote for sanity.

20160718_131252I won’t be completely gone. I will check my messages. I will continue to link my blog  posts. (Stay tuned! Faux marble counter tops coming your way!) But, I will not be around on a regular basis. I just can’t.

Life is too short. I don’t want to start my day frustrated or angry or disappointed. I don’t want to end my day that way either. And I don’t want to type out thoughtless responses that make you feel that way either. If you need me just send a message and I will answer.

(Claire, I owe you some curtains – let me know when you have a good time. I’m juggling car time with Andy and Tim right now so I need some notice.) 

I’ll miss you all but will see you again (on a regular basis) in November.




One thought on “Time for a break

  1. I agree with you only thing I was worried about was ready your blog. But that is not going away. All good.

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