Soap Stories

soapstackguy1Anyone remember this? Such a long time ago! I started making soap in 2004. After a while, it was just too much and I stopped. Then I kind of started but, it was still too much. Too many teenagers, too many fires, too little me. I miss it. I kept making soap once a year for fun and for holiday gifts. I didn’t do anything last year. This year I’m going to offer some soaps for sale and make a lot more for gifts.  I’m excited because I have a chance to teach a few new people how to make soap this month before rowing completely takes over our lives again. I love teaching people to make soap.

Before I start ordering stuff and getting started, I thought I’d ask you all about your thoughts and preferences.  Please jump in on the comments or on FB.  Here are the things I’m curious about:

  • The recipe I’m planning to use will have lard in it. I like lard because it keeps costs down, it’s gentle for most skin types and it makes a nice, long-lasting soap. Would that be a deterrent? If I did a pure olive oil soap, would you want a scent or just plain?
  • Do you like the option of getting a discount for buying unwrapped, “nekkid” soaps that you can dress up yourself?
  • These are the scents I’m planning to use. Please leave a comment if you see something missing that you LOVE. I usually avoid most Christmas scents because if you give them as gifts people start  using them when they have a new year and new goals on their mind. By the time you give a Christmas scent, Christmas is over.
    • Oatmeal/Milk/Honey
    • Peppermint Stick
    • Pink Sugar
    • Frankincense
    • Rosemary Mint
    • Burberry for Men
    • Citron/Peppercorn/Fig
    • Almond Biscotti
    • Cuban Tobacco (terrible name, delicious smell)
    • Ginger/Lime
    • Lemongrass/Sage
    • Apple/Mango
  • How do you feel about shipping? Would you rather pay actual shipping or have shipping built into your price?
  • I’m thinking about doing one “flavor” of soap as a fundraiser for a dear friend in a spectacularly difficult situation. The soap would have fun, unique wrapping. Would a $.50 bump in price affect your decision to purchase?
  • Finally, how do you feel about pre-ordering (once I get my act together)? I’d offer a 10% discount for orders placed by 10/15/2016.

My plan is to reboot my soap page on Facebook and to add a separate soap page to this blog. That way, if you’re not interested in soap, you won’t have to hear about it. As always, I’d love for you to buy my soap. But, if you don’t, please visit your local farmers market or craft co-op and buy some local soap. You won’t regret it.

Opinions, please! Thanks.



6 thoughts on “Soap Stories

  1. Pam, I use coconut oil in all my soap. But, it’s not great as a main ingredient especially for skin that’s much past 35. Weird, huh? It’s great straight but it’s really drying in soap.

  2. Lard sounds weird but I trust you so I’d buy it!! I like “guy” smelling soaps so I’m gonna say Cuban tobacco, Burberry, and lemon grass sage. Possibly the peppercorn fig. I’d rather have shipping built in. And I prefer simple packing.

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