Yikes! It’s almost Halloween!

caillou-mummyOctober has been flying by so quickly. I thought I had all kinds of time to decorate for Halloween and then we had a couple of rowing events, a hurricane and a visit from my sister this weekend. The month is gone. I have tried.

I do love pulling out holiday decorations. But, this year, Halloween decorations seemed a bit lame. I found this little guy at the Dollar Tree. (Guess what he cost?) There was something about his face that made me want to spend that dollar. I just couldn’t figure out what it was.

And, then it hit me. (I’m not up to date on little kid television so I might be dating myself.) This dumb little mummy makes me think that Caillou’s mommy finally snapped and duct-taped him. Color me bitter but this little mummy (aka a silent Caillou) makes me unreasonably happy.

Nothing else really. Just sharing the weird things that make me happy. I have more weird pictures but this will have to do for now. Now, I must go find a song to put into my head before I sleep that is not the Caillou song. Any song. (Gah! He’s still whining/singing in my head.)



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