Nonanowrimo this year

20161112_081237I must be getting old. As Halloween came to a close and a new month beckoned, I was optimistic that I could manage back-to-back weekend-long races for Andy, host Thanksgiving for 20+ people, create ornaments for my GIANT Harry Potter tree AND write a short novel. Oh yeah, and I am making and selling soap for the holidays – share with your friends and neighbors. About 6000 words into my November novel, I realized I just couldn’t do it this year.

And? That’s fine. Andy is a junior and he’ll be gone before I blink again. Once he’s gone, I’ll just sit here and write bad novels because I’ll have nothing else to do – no food, no laundry. Well, maybe a little bit but not much. For now, I’m going to focus on the real-life things going on.  (Of course, I’ll be taking notes for when I DO get time to write a novel.)

This weekend, we headed forty minutes east to Stetson University. I love Stetson – it’s a beautiful campus and it’s not surrounded by acres of strip malls (yet). I’m sure I’ve talked about this race before20161112_074921. It’s the one where you park in the cow pasture and hike in to the riverside. I love the idea of living the country but, truth be told, I don’t know that I’d be much good at it. There is poop everywhere!

Andy raced in the “B” varsity boat both Saturday and Sunday. They did well. The boat is full of kids who raced in last year’s lightweight boat who grew and gained weight over the summer. They’re big and strong and getting used to their new abilities. Sunday was a 21K race. (13+ miles). Andy’s boat was third. A very strong finish. After the race, all the boys had to walk their boats back to the start, de-rig (remove hardware) and load boats onto their team trailers. Andy got home and slept for 4 hours without moving once!

Pictures are of my view from the food tent. We were feeding 105 rowers this weekend. When not racing, they sprawl in the tent. The top picture is just to show how pretty the sky was and how big the boats look out of the water. My apologies – I do many things well. Photography is not on my list of skills.



One thought on “Nonanowrimo this year

  1. Looks like swim and synchro meets . . . kids sprawling under tents, always eating, waiting for upcoming races. Fond memories now. Who knew?

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