Give me your Christmas Spirit!

20161210_181609It’s the middle of December and, while everyone is well and healthy, I don’t feel Christmas-y at all. I spent last week in Ann Arbor with Danny. It’s been forever since I’ve had time alone with my oldest “baby.” It’s so fun getting to know him as an adult.

We went (I think) south to meet our friends, Mike and Mary, over the weekend that I was there. It was kind of awesome. They live in a small town and we arrived for their annual Santarchy party. Everyone (except me and Dan) had on Santa, elf, tree or other holiday gear. We were led by a cheerful woman covered in flashing lights from bar to bar. It was like being an extra in a Lifetime holiday movie.

I love a good party. But, honestly, I love a good party in Key West. Michigan is cold, cold, cold. We woke the next morning to more than 6″ of snow. On the way back to Dan’s house, we skidded across two lanes and landed in a ditch. Gah! The tow truck people we called told us that it would be $450 to get us back up to the highway. I think not. We used our coats and a really awesome sweater of mine as traction. Total loss? Maybe $100.  I will be mourning the sweater for years, though.

Now I’m home and gleefully warm. But, I’m not feeling the Christmas thing. Send me your best pick-me-ups, jokes or bad movies.

2 thoughts on “Give me your Christmas Spirit!

  1. I have had to adjust without the kids being here for Christmas prep. It feels strange, doesn’t it? It makes me feel Christmas-y to bake and listen to my favorite Christmas music or to watch my fav OLD Christmas movies. But the no fail way to get in the spirit, is to volunteer at the Salvation Army or similar. Stuffing stockings and delivering them is SURE to get you in the spirit!!! (OR- get a Saint Bernard puppy…..also no-fail.) And, glad that you guys are OK…..and super resourceful! Michigan winters….not a fan.

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