Happy Birthday!

2016 beach dan and christiToday is Danny’s birthday. My oldest “baby” is 24!!!!! And married. And gainfully employed as an engineer. Not sure where the time went.  We’re so proud of him. We also miss him. He’s in Ann Arbor while Christi (the first girl-that-is-a-friend) finishes graduate school.  They love Michigan. Even winter. Go figure.

Anyway, Happy Birthday, Danny!!!!!!

Day is done. I’m 51.

2016 cakeSee how I rhymed there in the title? I may be old but I’m still clever. Nice birthday. Mike and Tim were working. I was puttering around as always. Andy spent the day with his friend-that-is-a-girl.  Friend-that-is-a-girl drove Andy home after dinner at her house tonight – she brought me a birthday cake! How fun. And delicious.  We had cake and played a few rounds of Uno. I can check fun, chocolate and celebration off of my list for a year.

In other news, I witnessed the funniest couple this morning at Goodwill. When I’m near Goodwill, I stop in just to see what’s there. Today, the store was super busy and I found myself kind of trapped in a corner. I was waiting for an opening and watching this “old” (as in older than me) guy messing with all the boom boxes – plugging them all in and humming to himself. Out of the blue, a tiny “old” lady comes flying at him shouting “Don’t you dare!!!!” He laughed and started hitting buttons. Suddenly, Goodwill was booming with Rush Limbaugh’s voice and the woman was shrieking. I don’t know why it did but the whole scene made me laugh out loud. Clearly, the husband was just pushing her buttons and enjoying the effect. I’m thinking he needs a hobby or a part time job. I can see me and Mike in a similar scenario. In the end, they just left. She had a cart full of stuff that was just left sitting and the radios were still blasting Rush. Who won?



Happy 22 Danny!

How it is possible that you are 22 is beyond me! But there you are – eating with utensils, potty-trained, able to read and sporting a Kris Kringle beard – not to mention the fact that you’re engaged to the “girl-that-is-a-friend” who is no longer a girl!!!!! (Hi Christi – we miss you too!)

I hope you have a great day! We miss you and love you. We’ll be home eating cake in your honor and remembering awesome things like the time you crashed through the table at Ian’s magic show. Should be a fun night – you did lots of stuff like that!  😉

I’m going to go sit in the “old people corner” now.

Another year . . .

I’ve been 49 for one hour. So far no need to call emergency services and I have not broken a hip. Still, I’m not thrilled. I don’t want to get/be old. I dunno, I thought I would have accomplished a lot more by now. I don’t know what I think I should have accomplished, but you know that feeling.

48 has not been a bad year:

Upside – I am making money writing. More and more I am doing work I like instead of soul-sucking “content” designed to manipulate people.  I suppose I could make as much working at Target, but I can write in my pj’s and on my own time.  So, yay!

Upside – Andy has found a sport he loves and that keeps him off of the street corners at night.(Remember how he was running those horrible dice games?)

Upside – Dan, Tim and Ian all have plans. Ian navigated Europe on his own quite well and is headed to FSU in August. Tim has narrowed things down to what he wants to do and will stay here and go to UCF. Dan continues to thrive on the engineer’s life at FSU.

Upside – pretty much my whole life. We own our business, things are tight, but they are okay. Everyone is healthy. I may hate getting old but I have not a single thing to complain about.

This afternoon we celebrated Father’s Day and my birthday (see how the capitalization is reversed?).  Mike made an amazing S’mores cake.  My neighbors came over and brought me beautiful flowers. Mike and the boys bought me a portable ice maker.  (Weird? For sure, but I have a thing about ice and the ice maker in the freezer just died and is pricey to fix – like buy a new one or fix it pricey).  Ahhhh ice.

So, happy birthday to me. Enjoy the cake  – wish it was scratch and sniff.  In the meantime, send support garments and whatever ointment it is old people like – I like the smell of Vicks’s, can that be my ointment? 

Is there an end to insanity?

With Dan (my fellow night owl) being home over the holidays, the holidays themselves and then New Year’s Eve I am beyond out-of-sync with the rest of the world.  I actually felt virtuous going to bed before 4 am last night.  It’s got to stop.  NOW.  Andy starts up with school and rowing on Monday.  Mike is back to work and Ian and Tim are moving on with their lives.  (Dan abandoned us a few days ago.)  So, I am staying up tonight.  All night and all day tomorrow in the hope that I can go to bed at a normal hour Sunday evening and reset my clock.  I have never tried this.  I sure hope it works.  

So, I’m up.  I’ve finished mapping out the rest of Andy’s school year.  I spent the end of the week putting Christmas away.  (And, I must say I did it in an incredibly organized fashion!) Laundry – lots of it – is rolling and I’m trying to get excited about mopping and cleaning the boys’ bathroom.  Seemed like the perfect time to give you all a New Year’s Eve update.

This was a brand new kind of New Year’s Eve.  We ended up with about 50 people here.  The difference?  Many of those people were the older boys’ friends.  Gah!  Young adults, old enough to drink (mostly) with cars?  Talk about ways to bring out the psycho in a mom.  Mike and I enjoyed our time with my parents and the usual list of neighbor suspects.  We played some Uno, ate a lot and monitored the comings and goings of the younger set.  It was fun to have a full room of people singing Happy Birthday to Ian and Tim as they turned 20 – see how cute and not identical they are in the picture?  And, I have to say there were no real issues. I also have to say that I am so beyond glad that my 20’s are behind me.  Way too much work. 

Dan’s roommate from Tallahassee and his girlfriend were left by their ride, but we had air mattresses and plenty of room for them.  It was late when they realized they had no ride.  I welcomed them but warned them I still had a lot of food to clean up and that I would try to be quiet.  Ummm . . . I started out with very little light and tiptoeing through the house when I noticed a noise.  Yep . . . the two guests snoring beyond anything I would have expected from such nice young folk. I turned the lights on, put on my audio book and finished cleaning!  

But, it was still us.  It was still New Year’s Eve.  And no holiday would be complete without our local law enforcement.  Two visits from the police and one from code enforcement.  All had snacks, were very nice and found that we were as harmless as we sound here on the blog.  Oh well, we did get to see some old favorites and that’s always nice.  

I will not complain about being cold because I know many of you live in scary-cold places.  Instead, I will wish you all a Happy WARM New Year!

Oops . . .

Mike was all pumped up about being able to change his debit card to one with the Solar Bears logo. At no charge, no less.  I had instructions to call him as soon as the new card arrived.  (You have to understand, this is a guy that grew up in Buffalo where winter sports were everything! The Solar Bears – a hockey team – are HUGE for him – and we can even afford for Mike and Andy to go see a game every now and then.)   Well, yesterday, an envelope, addressed to Mike arrived.  It felt like a debit card so I called to let him know it was here.

You’ve never seen someone so happy to get home from work.  He tore open the envelope while asking me where the scissors were to cut up is old card.  Ugh. You’ve never felt a silence like this – a man opening his first card offering him AARP benefits.  Bummer is one way to put it.  I gave him the scissors, and after I took this picture, we hacked up the card, you know, because we’re never getting old.  

The real Solar Bear card arrived today, not too much fanfare, though. 

Tonight we’ll be having a small, last-minute party to celebrate Mike’s 50th! If you’re in town, call and come on over,  or if you’re in the mood, raise a glass to the best man I’ve ever known. 


I am painting like crazy right now.  If I can get the second coat of wall paint on everything tonight, I can do the trim with bright white tomorrow. I have to say that the bright beachy blue is making me happy.  

As I’ve been painting, I’ve turned 47.  Yikes. How did that happen??? I am bummed that Mike is in Buffalo this weekend – I really miss him.  And, *gasp* I’m 47.  LOL and next year, I’ll be 48.  

I would not change much about my life – I could have done a lot of things, but I have done what I’ve done and overall, it’s good.  I have an amazing husband, great kids, stupid dogs and what more could a girl ask for??? Oh yeah, the big one, we’re all healthy.  Go ahead wrinkle fairy, throw what you have at me! 

Wish me luck with the painting – it would be so nice to settle in for a night or two with no HUGE projects to trip over.  That’s all I need, a night or two and then . . . the slipcovering begins. 

19 years ago just about now . . .

I was waking up from general anesthesia to wish my mom a Happy Birthday and introduce her to her first grandson (then  I threw up and they wheeled me away). Sunday was Danny’s birthday, he turned 19.  Monday is my mom’s birthday.  She’s older than 19. This was the very first year Danny was away for his birthday.  I talked to him.  I talked to my mom.  My mom talked to Dan.  We all survived.  I’m thinking the doctor that delivered Dan was about my age when he delivered him. Wonder how many grandkids he has now? Funny how slow days can seem in your life, but how quick the years go, huh? 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dan and Bing!!!!!!

The beginning of the end . . .

I just bought midnight tickets for me, the boys and Bing to attend Harry Potter 7, Part II.  I’m excited AND sad that it’s all coming to a close. I am thrilled, though, that all four boys and Bing will be there to finish our tradition of midnight madness. We’ve all stayed up late through the book releases and the movies and we have had SO much fun doing it. I’m going to be sad to let it all go.  

I had a great birthday.  The day wasn’t much fun.  Our doctor couldn’t squeeze Andy in and his (Andy’s, not the doctor’s) ear was making him miserable.  We ended up at one of the doc-in-the-box places and they set him up with ear drops and an ominous warning not to get wet for a week.  Nice thing to tell a child who mostly skips soap and shampoo when he CAN get wet.  I bought some Febreeze along with his medicine – we’ll see how the Febreeze does. As a last resort, I will threaten to put on my bathing suit and “help” him get clean.  I’ve used this threat before and have never once had to put my bathing suit on.  Cross your fingers.

Despite his pain, Andy baked me all-by-himself-while-I-napped-on-the-couch an awesome, double-decker birthday cake. Can you say chocolate? Devil’s Food with Dark Chocolate Icing. When his second layer crumbled, I found him in tears in the kitchen.  I, being baking-impaired, despite my last name, explained to Andy the beauty of frosting and how to smoosh a cake back into something that looks cakelike.  It worked.  In fact, when our neighbors stopped by to wish me Happy Birthday (isn’t that awesome and just nice?) one of the kids remarked that it was a good thing Andy took ALL of those candles out as they had apparently been crushing the center of the cake.  It was hard, but I bit my tongue.  Damn candles and homeskool kids who can’t count.  😉  (kidding)  No matter, the cake was perfect – Andy definitely got some baking genes from his dad.  Someone dared use the “m” word  and I did not even disagree!  Shhh….

The other boys were working and at school so we didn’t actually have cake or anything until around 9 pm. Ian and Tim replaced my completely worn our cd of Wicked – I’m singing with the original cast as I type! I just love Wicked.  Dan is taking me out for sushi tomorrow and Mike came home with an amazing bouquet of flowers.  To top it off, the boys even played Scrabble, in person on a real board, with me. I won’t even try to explain the goofy things that had us roaring with laughter, but how lucky am I????  I’m so very, very lucky to have the family I have.  We have so much fun together doing the dumbest things.  I cannot imagine a better birthday! 

I bought myself these shoes and a pair of flip flops today – Payless Buy One/Get One 1/2 off.  They’re stoopid, but I wore them today and thought of myself as Dorothy – what shoes would she wear without the ruby slippers.  I think these are those.  8)