Happy September!

naked victor hugoI give up. I don’t know where time goes. (Well, I kind of do, I just passed the 1400 level on Candy Crush – yay me.  My grandkids will be so proud one day.)  Anyway, the time is gone. It’s 11:45 and I’ve set a goal to post something remotely interesting everyday in September. We’ll see how it goes. 😉

Quick update . . . we’re on our third week of eleventh grade. Surprise, Andy was not interested in my idea for a first day of school picture. (Tall, lean, muscular kid in his sleeping pants scowling at me through the bagel in his mouth – there’s your picture.)  Andy is not thrilled with the start of his junior year. In the past, this was when his brothers started picking up 3-4 classes at the local college. Our moving date precluded Andy from enrolling until January. Woohoo! More time with mom.  (He doesn’t get that I’m at least as disappointed as he is.) We’re actually making the best of it and having some fun.

British Literature (a la Stobaugh) has been kind of fun so far. We’re finishing up Beowulf (for the fourth and final time).  Andy’s writing has improved and it’s nice that he’s reading much faster.  I’m really looking forward to Hamlet, Frankenstein,  Tale of Two Cities and Jane Eyre.  We just have to suck up some poetry with our best serious faces before we get there. For me poetry is like scrapbooking – I love all the elements but when faced with it in real life, my enthusiasm evaporates.

We’re saving the rest of his sciences for college courses. The outstanding Derek Owens is teaching Pre-Calculus this year. This man saved Andy and me from many arguments and tears last year and I am expecting more of the same this year. Somehow, Andy can accept when Derek Owens tells him the answer is wrong. When I tell him …. sigh. So, if you’ve got preteens/teens that you’re homeschooling and math involves tears and you walking away to bang your head on the washing machine – this is worth checking out.

To round things out, I’ve added a college-level Poli-Sci class and a college-level Psychology class. No credit but it will give him an idea of the reading and level of work expected.

BUT . . . The BEST BEST BEST thing about this year so far has been french.  I’ve followed Lindsay at Lindsay Does Languages.  Not because I’m adept at languages but because I think she’s a really interesting young woman.  She recommended Frantastique as her favorite way to learn French. Andy and I have been slogging away for two years and I was open to suggestions. Can I get an “AMEN!?”

This is the highlight of our day. The lessons are short and perfect for a teen. A little snarky but also a little sneaky with the history  they put in to each lesson. (One lesson was Victor Hugo announcing on his facebook page that he was alive and having a party that evening. Balzac and 48 others “like” this idea.)  If the idea of a naked (cartoon) Victor Hugo offends you – skip this. If you are not open to aliens wishing to promote the spread of French culture, skip this as well. If you’re intrigued, go for it. It’s really well done and entertaining to boot.

We laugh. We replay the lessons and Andy is getting it.  I had a a lot of French through middle school-college.  I can read just fine. Speaking? Not so much. I love the option of French/French or Canadian/French pronunciations. The corrections and the options to personalize things are exactly what we needed.

So we plug along. Still don’t know any of our new neighbors. Not sure that I want to. But, we love being close to my mom and closer to work and rowing.  And, for someone like me, the painting possibilities  are still seemingly endless so it’s all good.

And, that concludes September 1.  We’ll see if I can manage September 2.

Thinking . . .

Home from the beach. Andy is driving himself to practice. We’ll homeschool next year but it’s mostly online and college classes. I’m out of a job.  Twenty four years and poof. Not even a gold watch. For me, doing something physical helps me sort out all the loud, unrelated noises in my head. So I started a couple of projects. (You didn’t seriously think I was going to say I began training for a 5K, did you?)

Feeling overwhelmed? Tackle painting the entryway with the 17 1/2′ ceiling. What could go wrong? I finished tonight with Mike and Andy’s help. (And, help from Lynda and Alan’s ginormous extension ladder.) Mostly, I used a very long telescoping pole and a normal sized ladder. Tonight was the way-up windows and around the ceiling. Andy and Mike served as crash pads.  (Wish I had worn my good overalls. 8) )

Andy took the picture while he was flopp20160719_205714ed on the
floor underneath me. I think I went up and down that ladder about 15 times tonight. Mike kept trying to put it at a steeper angle to see if I would notice. I noticed. Someone may have to carry me downstairs tomorrow morning. I also painted the inside of the front door, the upstairs hallway and the banister. I’m very happy with the results – much brighter and happier feeling.

But, an entry only takes so long. So I ordered this kit and tested it in the powder room. (If you’re interested, check their website and also check Amazon. I happened on an Amazon sale and got the kit for about $20 less.) Kind of cool.

It’s a multi-step process – a couple of 20160718_131252hours here wait many hours and start the next part.  My mom came over on Sunday to help me with the artistic aspect. I’m happy with my first attempt but, there is room for improvement.  I’ve started on the boys’ bathroom counter with a different technique. If I get it right, I’ll post step by step pictures. I hope I can figure it out because I’d love to do this in the kitchen . Eventually Mike will make concrete counters for the kitchen but until then, I’d love to get rid of the faux wood laminate.

And, as I do these projects I am working on what my next step as a semi-retired full-time mom will be. Hopefully, by the time I work through the kitchen counters my brain will be less cluttered and the path forward will be a little clearer.  If not, there are more projects here. Or . . . the bus stop is right across the street. I can start collecting neighbor kids to keep me happy. Or not. Anyway, I’m working on it.



Well, another month is gone and I haven’t been blogging. Ugh. The days just fly by and so much has been going on and I am in the midst of all of it. It doesn’t help that I cannot focus or hold a thought lately to save my life. By the time I sit down to “goof” around at the computer, I can’t remember what made me sit down in the first place. I’m turning into an 8-year-old with each passing day.

We successfully shipped Ian off to Florida State and he and Dan are living in brotherly harmony as I type. Or not. My monkeys, but no longer my daily problem. They both started classes on Monday. I talked to Ian and he is settling in well. He took his server’s job at Chili’s here in Orlando with him to Tallahassee and is pleased with his new schedule and environment. Dan never calls me anymore and I have to rely on reports from Ian. (Dan, why do you never call?)  😉 I kid. Dan was in position for a good start to the school year and eventually, I’ll hear about it.

Dan and Christi have set a date! Gah! I’m not old enough to be a mother-in-law (at least in my mind). June 20, 2015 is the date we will add another Baker to our family tree.  (Someone remind me to plant the tree and label it before June?)  It’s kind of an awesome date though, that is my parent’s real anniversary. Dan and Christi will get married on my parent’s 51st anniversary. They will celebrate their own 50th anniversary in 2065!  (Yes, I imagine they’ll renew their vows while wearing the jet packs promised to us by the Jetson’s.)

Christi, aka the-girl-that-is-a-friend, is in Michigan starting graduate school. Dan is in Tallahassee finishing up his degree. It’s going to be a long year for both of them I think.  (I would know more if Dan ever called me. But, you know, he neglects me. Feel sorry for me.)

Tim is here, school full-time and working. He definitely misses his brothers – as he’s ripping loft beds down, repainting his room and enjoying the extra space. He’s got a new job at a photography studio and so far the hours are great and school-friendly. I know he’s sick of living with us, but he’s taking the smart route by working and saving and living with free rent, food and laundry. I like having him here and Andy likes not losing all his brothers at once. He and Tim get along really well and are having fun in their free time.

In other news, we took my car in for one problem and it had every other problem you can imagine. And, nothing wrong with my car fell into the recall category. The car is home and I’ve worked the mechanic smell out of it. For what we paid, though, this thing should fly.  Seriously, why doesn’t it fly?

Andy is back to rowing. We just finished week two. Fall is long distance season and we were warned to make sure he is eating enough that he does not lose weight. (I never have anyone tell me that.) I’ve been trying to get about 5000 calories a day into Andy without it being 5000 calories of junk. I am happy to report that after being weighed after tonight’s workout, Andy has gained nearly 2 pounds. I don’t care if he gains weight or not (the coaches do but, yeah) … I just want to keep him healthy.  Andy is on board – he hates to be sick.  Sheesh, 5000-6000 calories a day is a lot of food when you also have to fit in school, sleep, practice and having a life.  So here is my official HI FIVE to whole chocolate milk, butter in everything and Andy’s willingness to eat every hour.  (Mike and I will be paying the price of this new diet – it’s delicious and we do not have that teenager metabolism – nor do we run, row, lift weights in any way comparable to what Andy is doing. Send sweat pants.)

We have started the freshman year of high school for Andy. Andy! My baby! The beginning is always a little bumpy but we’re finding our way. I have added French to his studies. He still has Latin. Latin? I am constantly learning as I teach. French? I can’t speak French outside of Pittsburgh. BUT, I can read it and write it pretty well. We’ve been doing our initial lessons in the car. Counting, alphabet and introducing yourself and others. With Latin I often have to stop and double check my answers. French? Umm . . . Andy was horrified when he figured out I actually know it. Muhahahaha.  He’s also studying Ancient History, Geometry, Logic/Rhetoric, Biology and Writing. He probably won’t enjoy it as much as I do but, he will thank me one day.  (Unless he’s like Dan. You know, Dan? The one who never calls?)

Since this post is endless already, I’ll add that I’ve finished painting the living areas of the house. The new wall quotes will be done by Sunday.  I will get some pictures. I think this is my fourth or fifth cycle of wall quotes. I’m either going to have to give them up next time I paint or start over from the beginning. I thought I could give them up this time around, but after a week, I missed my words around the house. Still,  I’ve used so many of the really good ones.  My latest favorite is in the kitchen:  “Good moms let you lick the beater. Great moms turn them off first.”

The writing business was great over the summer. But, it has slacked off tremendously lately. I’m looking into writing a few e-books. I will likely be starting a new blog that combines my regular life and my writing life. I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, if you know anyone that needs a writer or editor, send them to me. I’m fast and reasonably priced! 

I hope all is well in your world!

Procrastination by any other name . . .

Okay, my interests have always ranged far and wide and make no particular sense when you put them all together. However, my complete and total inability to focus on one thing lately is starting to scare me. Usually, I start out scattered and then find my groove and get things done. These days? No groove, nothing getting done. Lots of things getting started . . . my house looks like a war zone.

Ian abandoned us on Wednesday. He’s in Tallahassee living with Dan now. Like he’s a grown up or something. For some reason, Ian’s leaving is hitting me much harder than Dan leaving. (I love you, Dan!) And then, there’s Dan.  He’s going to finish college, get married and start a life with the-girl-that-is-a-friend. I love the-girl-that-is-a-friend, aka Christi, but still . . . Last week was pretty much of a wash.  I wandered and thought deep thoughts and accomplished nothing.

Andy’s books for next year are arriving haphazardly. I have no real plan yet. Nice, huh? I have been harping at him that ninth grade counts and I have not a single plan in place. I have an ebook I’m supposed to be writing. I’ve already lost money on that score – I am on my third version. This one, at least feels right.  I don’t know why I stress so much about it – my name is not going on it, but I hate the thought of delivering something crappy.  Live and learn. I think I need to find out how one goes about publishing their own ebooks. I surely couldn’t make less. 

Over the weekend, the-girl-that-is-a-friend/Christi invited me and Bing to go along with her and her mom wedding dress shopping. Can you say girl-fix?????  I remember my own wedding dress shopping. I have linebacker shoulders and had to try on plus-size dresses with tons of clips and stuff. Christi? Perfect size four. I have never, ever seen a person try on clothing that fit every damn time! Each dress she tried on looked better than the first – no alternations needed. It was so fun. Like shopping with a super model. Still, we knew she’d found THE dress when she came bouncing out in yet another perfectly fitting gown. She actually glowed.  I suggested to her mom that we get Christi to try on our dresses – that way we’ll look awesome too! (work with me)

During the times Christi was changing we helped the group sitting with us choose mother-of-the-bride and mother-of-the-groom dresses. What a fun family.  The moms were a riot! I felt much better listening to them – both lovely – complain about sagging bits and disappearing parts. We’re all in this together, right? In the end they both picked dresses that suited them exactly. It was an excellent way to spend a Saturday morning.

To celebrate, we went out for MONSTER burgers, fries and the most amazing milkshakes.  My mom and I both feel so lucky/happy/blessed to be included in the planning stages.  I think Christi’s mom, my mom and I are still stunned that we are actually planning a wedding. Especially Christi’s mom.  It’s crazy. Don’t worry, I will be sharing more as things develop.  If anyone has wedding tips, please share – big, small, weird, it’s all good.

I am so excited for this week – no rowing, no major commitments.  I WILL finish this book. I WILL finish painting (btw – I need new wall quotes if you have anything) and I WILL accept the fact that my kids are all leaving me – except Andy. I’m keeping Andy forever. I don’t know how to work anything in our house without at least one kid here.  (Don’t tell Andy though, it’s a surprise.)

Hope things are going well in your world.  Happy Monday!

He is really going to go!

7:00 PM EST – Ian will be on a plane to Dublin and the rest of his adult life.  Sure, he’ll come home. But, it will never be the same.  I’m excited and jealous and sad all at the same time and in differing amounts. Mostly excited, though.  I cannot believe he’s managed to put this trip together, pay for it and put all his stuff for five weeks in one backpack. All that remains to be seen is how well I hold myself together at the airport tomorrow.  

My mom and dad (aka Bing and Pap) and my brother (aka Moncle) came for a farewell dinner tonight.  My parents brought Ian some “old” Euros – heh, they’re still money.  My mom painted a great card for Ian – I’ll have to get a picture tomorrow.  My brother set Ian straight on whiskey.  In Dublin, you drink Jameson (sp?) and in Belfast, another brand.  One is Catholic whiskey and one is Protestant.  Who knew?  Luckily, I was there to inform my brother that my wee boy only drinks water and the occasional Coke.  🙂  (DO NOT burst this bubble.)

Later, my folks asked Ian what he was going to do all day tomorrow.  Ian already nixed my idea of visiting his favorite playgrounds and reliving his favorite childhood walks.  Ian just shrugged.  Still a little bitter at losing one of my last chances to pack up some goldfish crackers, juice boxes and band-aids, I suggested Ian clean his half of his room or I would do it for him while he was gone.  I’m not so much a cleaner as I am a thrower-outer.  I’m not sentimental about anything.  Ian knows this.  

After my family left, Ian and Andy took Cally on a long walk.  Mike headed to bed and I cleaned up the kitchen and listened to my creepy book (Dr. Sleep).  If you’re a Stephen King fan, it’s a fun book – all about what happens to Danny Torrence AFTER the Shining.  If not, you probably won’t get as much out of it.  Lots of little references to the original book and even too a book Stephen King’s son wrote.  

Anyway, when Ian and Andy got back to the house Ian began cleaning his room.  He walked out in the lovely outfit you see above to ask what I thought about him wearing that to the airport.  Good Lord, I homeschooled him all of those years so he wouldn’t get beat up for his lunch money and he wants to travel dressed like that? I went terribly wrong somewhere.  Poor Andy will pay for this!

In the meantime, I am confused and under-challenged lately.  So, last night, I made a Flat Ian to stick on our big wall map.  We’ll move him around as needed.  Strangely, Ian was not that enthusiastic about taking a Flat Family along on his trip.  (muhahahahahaha I’m sticking one in his bag anyway).  Here is more information if you are unfamiliar with Flat Stanley – there are even links in the link!!!!  

Okay – I’m going to make Ian a little Flat Family and head to bed.  I don’t know how much we’ll hear from him, but I will keep you posted.  (Maybe it will be like my dream.  Ian called from the airport telling me he was home and could he bring a friend.  I said sure and picked up Ian and George Clooney at baggage claim.  I spent the whole dream torn between George Clooney being so handsome and sleeping on my couch and how creepy was it that George Clooney was hanging out with my 19-year-old son.  No resolution.) 

Reason # 8054 . . .

that Andy will likely be homeschooled for the rest of his K-12 life.  

He’s passed weird into “the zone.”  I’m sure if I sent him over to the local school, they’d send him right back with a polite, “No thanks.” 

I used to think having three kids in middle school was what made me so stressed. I was wrong. At least with three in the same grades, the odds were in my favor that ONE of them would get it. Now, it’s just Andy. And, when he doesn’t get it – he REALLY doesn’t get it. My hair will be white before we get through next year. I know the stoopid will end, but that’s not helping as much as I thought it would.

However, Andy is not totally stupid, he understood the Latin when I turned on the new pope this afternoon.  (That was kind of exciting, wasn’t it? We’re Catholic, so maybe it’s not for everyone, but it’s all so interesting to me.)  But, Andy getting the Latin – that was kind of huge after our disastrous math episode an hour earlier. I am going to cling to that moment.

In a not so proud moment, Andy came in to dinner tonight carrying a hip-high garden stake under each hand, leaning on the flat tops and asked us to guess who he was. Think. Give up? I did. FDR. This child is so so so weird. 

I guess today was “president’s” day. On the way to the vet, I had Andy come to hold onto Cally because she’s not a traveling dog. Andy turned her face to me and pulled her ears straight up in the air and said, “Look, I’m LBJ.” I had no clue.(see picture)  

I have no idea where he gets this stuff.  At least he’s interesting, right?


I don’t know what it is about February, but I always seem to turn lethargic and unmotivated around mid month. For the past 12 years, each February has found me thinking about putting the boys back into school and getting a nice job where I don’t make anyone cry.  This feeling goes away by March -weird, huh?. If I have to go get a real job, I want to be able to make people cry. Doh!

February 2013 has proved no different.  Even though the oldest three are on their own education-wise, Andy’s school is proving to be a lot more challenging than I thought it would. I attribute a lot of this to his age AND my age. In fact, I think my age is more of a factor than his. The late 40’s are not as pretty as I had hoped they would be. One of us always has a giant pimple or is on the verge of tears.  It’s not pretty.  The healing properties of chocolate will never cease to amaze me (or Andy).  

This week started with a freeze.  Of course, I’d planted the garden the previous weekend.  :::sigh::: It seems to have survived.  The weeds are certainly vigorous and alive.  They are also dead as of this afternoon. Hah! I win for the next two days.  After a stand-offish Monday and Tuesday, Andy finally fell to the virus all of his friends have had recently. I knew it was coming! He was mean and grumpy and his eyes didn’t seem right. 

The virus involves a high fever and a nasty cough for about (cross your fingers) five days.  Andy is into day three.  He’s so sad and little (except for his freakishly large feet which just look pasty white and a little scary) when he’s sick. I’m taking care of him. But, I’ve also been kind of gleeful these past few days.  I guess it’s the mom equivalent of a snow day.  At 13, Andy does not need me every single minute of the day.  He mostly wants me to leave him alone so he can sleep. Anyone remember E tickets at Disney World? The ones that used to get you on the best rides?  It’s kind of like that except I do hate that Andy is so miserable.

BUT, (let’s get back to me, shall we?) I don’t have to do math or Latin or grammar or anything.  I’ve had the time to take Ian and/or Tim to work which leaves me with *gasp* a car!  As Andy has been mostly sleeping, I have been able to drive one or both older boys to work and go do things I’ve needed/wanted to do all semester.  I finally found the AMAZING primer I’d been reading about as I researched the best way to paint the fronts of our aging, inexpensive IKEA cabinets in the kitchen. Andy slept some more and I tested the primer.  WOW!  This is the stuff to use if you want to paint a shiny surface or laminate furniture.  It’s all I was led to believe it was.  Our cabinets have a shiny surface and the primer adheres to it (so far) and the paint goes on beautifully and even when I try to chip it, it does not chip.  I’ll try to get some before and after pictures – it’s pretty dramatic.  

In other news, I found a great online tutorial on how to crochet.  So far, I can crochet a single strip (which I think I could do back in the fourth grade, but I’m not entirely certain). Additionally, I found a great online tutorial (yes, I will link these both when I find them again) on how to make t-shirt yarn. I have watched several of these videos and this guy made it so easy and fast!  Then I hit the thrift store and picked up a stack of t-shirts with the 1/2-off color tag and came home and made t-shirt yarn.  I’m crocheting it now into a rug.  I think next time I might give more thought to color as the pink in the middle brings to mind a giant nipple . . . but live and learn.  I’ve been learning a lot as I work on this project.  If you know me, be afraid, it’s likely you’ll end up with a funky t-shirt rug in the near future.

(I do have pictures of all of this, but the stoopid camera battery died so it will be another day.  I swear, when I’m a real grown up I’m going to have a real grown up camera that takes pretty pictures and works when I want it to work.)

One more weird bit of life in Florida: it was below freezing on Monday and Tuesday.  Today, Friday, it was 86.  The Pittsburgher in me will fight to the death before putting the a/c on in February.  It’s all so confusing.

Middle School Plan

If I count my own run through middle school, I’m on my fifth time through seventh grade with Andy this year. That’s right, folks, I’ve “done” seventh grade five times. I don’t care where your kid, particularly your boy, goes to school, when they get to sixth, seventh and eighth grades they are struck with the stoopid stick. Even the best students stop turning in work they completed the night before.  Or, if you’re one of my sons, you manage to lose your math work in the time it takes you to walk from your bedroom or the porch to the kitchen to give me the work.  We do not have a large house.  You have to try to lose something.  And, yet, it happens.  Daily. Hourly. And it makes me want to pull out my hair. 

I thought with Andy I would be mellower about it all. And up until very recently, I have been.  I know he will survive the stoopid years and go on to become a productive citizen. His brothers have not committed any felonies (that I am aware of) and seem to be held in high regard by their professors and employers. Still, I don’t know if I can survive it AGAIN.  

In my head, I have an ideal plan.  Kids in the 11-14 age range (sometimes a little younger, sometimes a little older) should go to live on a farm where they have to do physical labor all day long. Maybe a little reading and some real world math.  But, mostly, they should just work the stoopid off.  And, I believe that doing actual real work might the best way to do this. After their stint on the farm, their brains will be back (well, most of their brains) and you can return them to regular school. 

So, now, I’m just looking for a farm family to adopt Andy for another year or so. Any takers? He’s fairly large, strong and will do just about any chore. Additionally, he’s funny and likes animals and small children. However, if you have more than one chore in mind for him, write the list on his arm (or backwards on his forehead) because his short term (by short term, I mean five minutes) memory is not the best.

Near the end of vacation!

I tend to follow the public school’s lead on vacations – it’s pointless to try and do school on random days where all of Andy’s friends are loose and having fun climbing trees and running wild.  (Not to mention, it’s not too much longer that this will not be considered the height of fun for all of them.  ::::sniff:::: )  I generally stuff in extra stuff during our school days so that we’re still free to take off if a great beach day comes along or something like that. Tomorrow is our last day of vacation.  Then it’s back to real clothes, Latin, grammar and history and all the rest of the fun stuff.

Andy and I both miss the routine, but we also both love to sleep in, lounge around in our pj’s reading and snacking and doing nothing too.  I’m trying to brace myself. I know Andy had a blast over the vacation with Dan, Ian and Tim home and willing to include him on many of their weird outings. The day after Christmas, Dan, Tim, Ian and Andy went to the UCF campus around 9:30 pm and spent several hours using their long board skateboards in the parking garage. Ian was there to take pictures – need to get one or two from him. They came home laughing, soaking wet (it was raining) and starving. I’m willing to let Andy out at all sorts of hours to spend time with his brothers while they’re around on a regular basis. It’s not the schedule of your average 12 year old, but, Andy’s not your average 12 year old (at least in my mind). And, it won’t be too long until all of the older boys are who knows where doing who knows what?!

 I think I’ve finished everything I wanted to over this break. Got a bunch of reading in – I’m currently reading Wheat Belly on my Nook, it’s fascinating and kind of freaking me out. It’s definitely a lot to think about.  Drawers and cabinets are cleaned and restocked, sort of. Freezer inventoried. Garage sorted and semi-cleaned out. You know, the stuff that movie stars do on their Christmas breaks? That’s what I have been doing.  When I have good light, I’ll post pictures of the newly painted, new washing machine. It’s ridiculous, but it now matches the dryer and it makes me smile.

I blame math.

You know how a day can just unravel sometimes? You wake up with the best plans and those plans are thwarted before you’re even remotely caffeinated? Today was that day. I had the best intentions.  I went to bed at a reasonably early hour (for me at least). My plan was to finish school with Andy early in the day and then to finish up the projects I have half finished around the house. It was going well, until we did math. 

Math and 7th grade are just such a terrible combination on most days.  With all four boys combined, I am certain I have said, show your work, SHOW your work, SHOW YOUR WORK and then variations but with some expletives tossed in AT LEAST 10,000 times.  And, still, I see no work. NONE.  There is no where to look to see where the kid went wrong.  I would bang my head on the wall or the kitchen counter, but I did it with the other three and if I keep it up with Andy, I will look like a unicorn. Anyway, math slowed down the day.  WAY down.

Now, of course, I could always blame Pinterest. I try to avoid it, but I keep seeing things that make me say, aha!  The black interior doors shown in the link were one of those things. Between the kids and their friends and messy Mike and the dogs, our doors always look disgusting.  I scrub them and then I have to repaint because I end up scrubbing the paint right off the doors.  Black? Sure, the doors are just as dirty, but I’m okay with that – I can feel good with a quick wipe down with something to kill germs and some paper towels. 

Today, my plan was to paint our bedroom door and the door to the boys’ bathroom early enough in the day that they would be dry by Mike’s early bedtime (usually 8:30 or 9).  Due to the above, that did not happen. We hung the door to our bedroom shortly before Mike went to bed. No door knob because I was still painting those – I found a very cool textured black paint with copper flecks in it.  It was already early evening and the boys’ bathroom door was sweaty and tacky, so it’s still outside.  This meant the boys had to take showers in our bathroom without waking Mike.  Mike’s a nice guy until you wake him unexpectedly. 

Andy headed in for the first shower.  I told him not to shut the bedroom door, the one with no knobs, completely.  Oops, he forgot.  I was out in the garage doing laundry when this happened.  Andy snuck out of our bathroom, stole Mike’s cell phone and called Ian from the bathroom.  I like to think I’ve raised boys who are looking out for each other.  Granted, Ian had just seen Andy ten minutes earlier, but still, if your little brother calls you and says in  a whisper, “Ian, listen carefully . . . ” wouldn’t you stay on the line? Not Ian. Andy had to call two more times before Ian would take him seriously that he was trapped in mom/dad’s bedroom.  

:::sigh:::: We finally had to have Andy crawl out through the window which woke Mike.  Uh-oh.  Oh well, our doorknob to that room had always been kind of wonky.  I guess taking the knobs off finally broke it.  Mike pulled out the remaining pieces and tried to glare at all of us, but we were laughing so hard that even he had to smile before heading back to bed.  

So, now you’ve all been warned . . . if you’re trapped somewhere, Ian might not be the first person you want to call.  😉